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Kirchberg 1788

The ruler transferred father Drais with family for a period of rest into his remote possession Kirchberg in the Hunsrueck mountains, 100 miles distant. The stagecoach needed six journeys to get there! The Badenian governor's building there was destroyed in World War II, but rebuilt afterwards. On that occasion the Drais coat of arms and a miniature running machine were placed into iron doors before a fountain.

Bild: Brunnengitter mit Drais-Wappen
Brunnengitter mit Drais-Wappen
Five-year old Karl Drais learned skating in the Hunsrueck during the cold winters of the minor ice age then. On the frozen surfaces built by nature skaters are faster than a horse.

The epileptic seizures of father Drais would not cease though, all the more since the French Revolution broke out in 1791. The French revolutionary forces approached the Hunsrueck region menacingly.

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