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Heidelberg 1803

Bild: State-economy building in Heidelberg © Prof. Dr. H. E. Lessing
State-economy building in Heidelberg © Prof. Dr. H. E. Lessing
Because of the glut of applicants to the forestry service Karl Drais bridges the time by studying at the university of Heidelberg. This is feasible without Latin, since the fields of the department for state economy are read in German. At the age of 18 Karl registers for the fields of physics, astronomy and architecture. The building of the state economists is still extant at the main street of Heidelberg, behind a statue of Bunsen. Where Drais lived, isn't known.

A scramble of the merely 63 students with the sentries produces Heidelberg's first lecture strike. The strike can be ended by father Drais, who happens to visit Drais' uncle now in nearby Schwetzingen, the summer residence of the ruler. Also being present the latter had ordered the father to investigate the incidence. Later on, Karl was stabbed by knife into his left hand by a hot-tempered student. Fortunately the hand could be saved from paralysis by a surgeon.

Karl Drais learns everything about carriages and finishes his studies after three semesters with best certificates, since his examination for a forestry squire was set. The stupid thing is that this examination will then be shifted to two years later!

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